Aunt Franny™ is your source for pregnancy care information

Cloud-enabled connected health provides an opportunity to augment each user's healthcare team with non-judgmental, rights-based support via A New (enhanced) Standard of Care for Maternal and Child Health.  Origins avatar Aunt Franny™ engages pregnant women and their support groups during the First 1000 Days to understand their “life experience” through conversation, joining that information with medical stats available from Electronic Health Records (EHR). Aunt Franny™ provides evidence-based information and guidance to enable women to optimize their own health and that of their offspring. Users fully understand their individual health challenges through dialogue with the avatar and an extensive medical library, augmenting the information and care they receive from doctors, midwives, and nurses. The avatars are culturally relevant to the identity of each pregnant woman, and their active, non-judgmental listening skills provide a foundation of respectful maternity care to mother, baby, family and community. Origins FTD is a woman-owned enterprise based on humanistic capitalism.