Origins FTD is focused on a segment of healthcare known as Maternal and Child Health.   We are specifically focused on the 4 million live births annually in the United States, 2 million of which come from economically disadvantaged women. According to national health statistics the economically disadvantaged WIC women have a significantly higher incidence of malnourishment and health conditions.


Due to a combination of genetics, epigenetics and biological programming, a huge opportunity to affect birth outcomes occurs within the mother/fetus dyad during the First 1000 Days – conception to baby’s age 2.   It is all about ‘nourishment’ as defined in terms of nutrition and exercise, and a comprehensive holistic nourishment that includes body, mind and spirit. Active listening to the woman’s ‘life experience’ coupled with medical statistics will be teased from an AWEsome™ engagement with the woman and her support group. Origins FTD intends to include “a warm loving embrace” as part of the prescription.